Monday, December 10, 2012

Hopin' and Wishin'

My kitchen progress is coming along, slowly, but surely.  Finding all the right pieces takes a lot of patience, and of course budgeting for some of the more expensive changes has to be accomplished one improvement at a time.  This year, we painted the cupboards peacock blue, created a chalkboard refrigerator and added to our collection of colorful 1950s housewares, including our pastel ceramic Monterey dishes.  My goals for 2013 are: finding the perfect retro oven (it has to be one of the harder to find 30" models), replacing the light fixture above the dining table, and re-tiling the back splash.  Maybe by 2014, I can think about new counter tops?!?
teal cupboards painted cabinets blue chalkboard fridge pyrex vintage kitchen Just Peachy, Darling
wooden eat sign vintage trailer dishtowels retro 1950s stove oven kitchen Just Peachy, Darling
1950s plastic kitchen canisters Lustroware yellow Just Peachy, Darling
mint milkshake maker lemonade print lustroware reamer aqua starburst clock Just Peachy, Darling
1950s pastel dishes Amy Butler Coreopsis fabric George Nelson saucer light seafoam rotary phone Just Peachy, Darling

Bold indicates items that I covet, the rest is already in place. (From left to right): Our Peacock Feather blue cabinets, chalkboard fridge, white subway tile for the back splash,  vintage Pyrex, yellow wooden "eat" signAirstream kitchen hand towel,  1950s Wedgewood stove,  Yellow Lustro Ware canisters, "Why, yellow Gorgeous!" kitchen hand towel, mint green shake mixer, "Make Lemonade" printable,  aqua Lustro Ware reamer, gold star burst clock, pastel ceramic dishes, Amy Butler fabric in Coreopsis, George Nelson Saucer light, & mint green rotary wall phone.
What's your perfect kitchen?

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  1. Your kitchen is so, so cool! I absolutely adore the chalkboard fridge (you know, I think that might be the first one I've ever seen before) and the colour palette you opted for. Simply stunning!

    Fingers crossed you're able to find every last item on your kitchen wish list.

    ♥ Jessica


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