Sunday, July 29, 2012

Carnival dress (outfit #12)

This is my J. Harlan Originals, 1960s, day glow, crepe dress.  This dress was from ebay and the plastic and rhinestone flower clip-on earrings were a thrift store purchase.
1950s 1960s J. Harlan Originals dress day ascot bow vintage Just Peachy, Darling
1950s 1960s J. Harlan Originals dress day ascot bow vintage Just Peachy, Darling
Sailor collar!
1950s 1960s  dress day ascot bow vintage pattern Just Peachy, Darling

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Splish splash (outfit #11)

My 1950s bathing suit, scored at a thrift store! The suit is made by Spectra Sportswear, zips up the back, and has a modesty skirt.
1950s Spectra swimwear swimsuit bathing suit Colorado retro  Just Peachy, Darling
1950s swimsuit bathing suit retro ad  Just Peachy, Darling
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Honey, bee cool!

Remember the mid-century, blond, laminate desk in my sewing nook? I thought maybe if I lived with it for awhile, it would grow on me.  Although I love the shape, the finish didn't appeal. 
I saw some amazing faux pumpkins, that someone had painted with Looking Glass mirror paint on Pinterest, and it got me thinking.  The desk would look gorgeous all shiny and Hollywood Regency.  Looking Glass spray paint costs $12 for a can!   I'm not sure if there is unicorn sweat in the bottle, but that is insanely expensive for something that only covers 7 square feet.  I was confident that the desk would look so cool, that I finally made the purchase.  Well, guess what? It looked nothing like a mirror finish, and was even duller than the "metallic silver" spray paint that only costs $3.49.  Apparently "mirror" paint only works if you spray it on something like glass, and then flip it over.  I blame Pinterest  for wasting my $12!  I didn't really have a back up plan, and I'm quite frugal (I'm cheap as hell!)  How could I change the desk and not spend anymore money? Thankfully, I'm kind of a fabric hoarder.  I laid out my pillow cases with different fabrics until I found some colors that complimented each other.  Even the flower and honeycomb patterns seem logical.

I took three different leftover paints (Teal Zeal , Billowy Cloud , and Thoughtful Spot (all Behr) and mixed them together to create a minty blue that perfectly matched the Honeycomb fabric (Amy Butler).  I painted the body of the desk, and spray painted the drawer pulls silver.  Then I Mod Podged fabric onto the drawer fronts.  After letting it dry overnight, I took a sharp nail and poked holes (from the inside), where the drawer pulls go.  The fabric was really stiff, so the nail popped through with little effort.  
Here it is...
DIY decoupage Amy Butler honeycomb sewing nook desk  mid-century  Mod Podge Just Peachy, Darling
What do you think? Now, I just need to scavenge a comfortable chair.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chin up, buttercup

This is Winnie's 1950s butter yellow dress with cut out lace bodice, peter pan collar, and sheer apron overlay.  This dress was purchased on ebay.  Winnie might just be a horse lover, because as soon as she saw her pony she started pulling up grass and trying to feed it.
1950s little girl baby yellow dress  vintage  Just Peachy, Darling
1950s little girl baby pattern dress  vintage  Just Peachy, Darling
Happy Sunday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Queen of hearts (outfit #10)

This is my late 1950s heart patterned dress, scored at a thrift store.  The crystal necklace and bracelet came from my step grandmother's antique store.

1960s 1950s retro camper vintage shasta  Colorado Just Peachy, Darling

1962 Shasta trailer, check.  1950s frock, check. Coffee percolator and melamine cup, check.  What's a girl gonna do? Check her facebook status. ;)

 1950s retro dress vintage pattern Just Peachy, Darling
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

She's so bubbly

I finally ditched the boring pendant light above my kitchen sink.  I discovered a strange, space-age looking lamp at the thrift store for $20, that I thought had potential.  It reminded me of a movie prop from the film, "The Man That Fell To Earth" with David Bowie. 

 It weighed about 20 lbs and had a box made of wood, brass, and glass that surrounded it.  My husband, however, did not see its potential.

I had a friend help me take the "box" off and weld bigger holes on the top, so I would be able to mount it to the ceiling.  Actually, HE kind of looks like David Bowie.  

 I sprayed the entire fixture silver, after I taped off the electrical components.
No project ever goes according to plan, and once I had our original fixture off the ceiling, I realized that the lighting box had a broken, headlless screw.
This meant, that the previous fixture had been hanging precariously above my head.  I googled how to remove the lighting box...thank heavens for the interwebs.  Basically, I had to chisel away all the plaster around the box, until I discovered the screws holding it into the ceiling joist.
The ceiling was officially looking really awful and my husband was cursing the "Bowie-delier."  I replaced the top of the lighting box, bought some new bolts and wingnuts and after many sweaty hours (Holding your arms above your head is HARD!) I finally had the fixture mounted.  Thankfully, the plaster damage is covered.
DIY upcycled vintage retro space age bubble chandelier light  Just Peachy, Darling
I love it! It's really whimsical, and reminds me of bubbles floating about my head while I do in that scene, from The Labrinth...with David Bowie. ;)
Here is the before and after:
Builder's grade into a lazy sputnik chandelier.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Farm girl frock (outfit #9)

This early 50s, denim, farm dress with over-sized pocket and rooster embroidery came from an estate sale.  I thought it was the perfect 4th of July dress.  When I discovered it, buried in a pile of clothes, I got really excited because it's such a unique piece.  I'm a sucker for novelty fabrics, and the motif on this dress puts a smile on my face.
retro 1950s mid-century neon sign Gunnison, CO Just Peachy, Darling

Colorado vacation retro neon sign novelty rooster farm dress vintage  Just Peachy, Darling

1950s day dress pockets pattern Just Peachy, Darling
1950s farm rooster embroidery iron on vintage Just Peachy, Darling
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family Vacation

The family and I have been traveling for the last two weeks.  First, we went to Ogallala, NE to Lake McConaughy with two other families.  We spent our time on the beach, swimming, boating, tubing, and hanging with great people.  Next, we headed to the mountains near Gunnison, CO for the 4th of July.  We went from a 108 degree heatwave to cool and rainy "sweater weather."  
 Emery enjoying a little park time.
Ohlin showing his predilection for the ladies.
Hello, baby!

Lake City, CO Just Peachy, Darling
Nothing beats a Colorado blue sky (Lake City, CO)!
Lake San Cristobal.  Colorado Just Peachy, Darling
The boys skipping stones in Lake San Cristobal.

You and me against the world

Apparently, I'm collecting globes.  Recently, while I was at a garage sale, I picked one up and the sphere came off the base, so they begged me to take it home.  Free equals awesome, end of story. Then, I found a $4 globe at the thrift store, which I couldn't resist.  I always gauge everything against the price of a latte.  If I can give up one coffee, then my purchase is justified.  Totally rational, right?  Anyway, I got to looking at my faux antique globe and decided it needed a little something.  I went onto and downloaded some random images that had a similar faded hue as my globe.  I chose botanic sketches, butterflies, and some birds and then printed them out and busted out the Mod Podge.
DIY Mod Podge decoupage globe art Just Peachy, Darling

         Finally, here it is next to its smaller counterpart, which I don't plan to change. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Row, row, row your boat

I couldn't resist this 1950s nautical themed dress for Elowyn.  It's a vintage sized 12 months, which means it fits like a blouse.  It has a sweet little fishing boat embroidered on the skirt, and a sailor style collar and tie.
1950s sailor dress baby little girl vintage plastic dishes  Just Peachy, Darling
The "table mat" is a vintage dresser runner with an embroidered kitten and her play dishes are 1950s Allied Chemical plastic.  I found a set of six cups and six saucers at the Mennonite thrift store for .39 a piece!
The wooden picnic bench was handmade by my grandfather.  It has an inlaid starburst pattern and is the perfect place for a tea party!

1950s sailor dress baby little girl vintage pattern  Just Peachy, Darling

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cupcake baking dress (outfit #8)

My 1950s, cotton candy pink day dress by Mindy Ross.  I'm a sucker for ultra feminine dresses, and the full skirt on this one is so sweet.  I purchased this little darling from the Robot Exchange. The pink rhinestone earrings were a gift, but I can't remember who got them for me.  Anyone want to take credit?  My memory is slipping! ;)  The pearl choker was an awesome thrift store score.

1950s pink daydress shasta vintage trailer  Just Peachy, Darling

I borrowed this "baking" themed apron from the Shasta trailer.  Now can someone please bring me some cupcakes? It's been around 108 degrees all week, and that my friends is too damn hot to be in the kitchen!
Betty Barclay vintage dress ad 1950s Just Peachy, Darling
Happy Sunday!

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