Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I suppose the one positive thing about this insanely cold weather we've been having, is that it has forced me into the holiday spirit. We put up our 1950's aluminum tree this year and we were able to find a color wheel at an antique store to light it up.  The tree has tiny red and pink metallic ornaments at the tips of the branches, which I think is a bit more rare.  I filled out the rest of the spaces with similar colored Shiny Brites, hand painted glass ornaments, and some quirky vintage handmade ornaments which all either came from antique stores or estate sales.
1950's aluminum xmas tree shiny brites vintage just peachy, darling
Hand painted elephant ornament
1950s radio christmas tree angel decor vintage just peachy, darling
Framed 50's Christmas typewriter ad
Japanese Santa and reindeer
What about you? Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Butterflies and Bomb Shelters

The hubby and I wanted to take advantage of the amazing bomb shelter that I put together for the Pueblo Modern Art Show.  We ended up doing two sets of photos; a story line outfit post and a cheesecake pin up shoot.  Sorry, as much as I love you guys, I will not be including the pin-up photos here.  I'm not ready to appear in my peignoir on the interwebz, as classy as (I swear) the photos were.   I'm breaking my 3 picture rule though, because I loved the way the photos turned out.  The photos are lit using only ambient lighting from the lamps, and a tiny bit of natural sunlight that was coming through a floor grate from the second story.  We used no filter, the warmth in the photos is a result of all that "Mamie pink" we painted the walls.  The dress I'm wearing is a 1950's novelty butterfly print with velvet ribbons that I bought from the Robot Exchange a couple of years ago.
Reading a 1950's edition of "How to Have Charm"
Pouring Scotch
This last photo was totally candid.  I was trying to smash my hair back into place and Wade snapped a photo.  I included it because I think I look like a stoic June Cleaver. :)
Happy Sunday!
xox, Hannah

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