Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Petals and Pinafores, Winnie age 3

This year my darling daughter turned three years old.   She is clever, funny, and has a sunny, happy disposition.  Every morning she wakes up with a smile.  She puts on her prettiest dress, throws on her Hello Kitty backpack and announces it's time to go to school (she's too young for preschool...but at least she'll be ready next year.)  She loves to sing, twirl around in fluffy skirts, and read anything about cats or kittens.  She told me she is a super hero and her powers are being adorable and making rainbows.  We are so happy to have her in our lives.
Outfit details: 
1940s cotton undershirt and 1940s red and white pinafore: antique store

Want to see Winnie's vintage birthday dresses from her last two birthdays?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pineapples and Hula

I finally hosted my "bitches getting drunk" party.  I went with a Tiki theme, mostly because I really wanted to make tropical drinks with umbrellas, but also because I had the perfect dress.  I found this late 50s Hawaiian themed dress at the thrift store last Halloween.  It has a gorgeous black and gold print of islanders in boats, pineapples, hula girls, palm trees, etc.
Outfit Details: 
1950s Red Hawaiian themed dress: thrifted
Vintage gold basket weave box purse: antique mall
1950s gold charm bracelet: Ebay
Red flower fascinator: Ebay
Embroidered flower wedges: Nine West
I collected several different drink recipes from vintage sources, but we got stuck on Mai Tais, which are so very delicious.  
Mai Tais:
pour over ice
one shot white rum
one shot dark rum
1/2 shot coconut rum
1/2 shot apricot brandy
mix with orange pineapple juice
for added effect I served them in vintage Siesta Ware with pineapple novelty straws, colored drink umbrellas, and DRY ICE!

I also made Pina Colada cupcakes & Tikis on horseback among lots of other food.
I had a fabulous time and now I am ready to plan for the next event.  Got any good theme ideas?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kidney beans, amoebas, boomerangs, and ...umm gallbladders.

  I've been a bit out of the blogging loop.  A couple of weeks ago, a friend stopped by after dinner, for a quick chat and a beer.  I started having abdominal cramps and pretty serious back pain.  After my friend left, I decided that a hot shower would fix everything.  Before I could even rinse the shampoo out of my hair, I was doubled over in the bathtub in such terrible pain that I couldn't catch my breath.  I managed to stumble downstairs, mascara pooled under my eyes and lathery bubbles in my hair, to throw up a couple of times.  My oldest son called my husband to come home quickly and drive me to the emergency room.  I'm not one to complain about pain lightly.  I had a home birth, and aside from a couple of deep breaths and a crinkled forehead, I handled it pretty gracefully.  This was a different story.  I felt pretty confident that some internal organ had exploded, my diaphragm was paralyzed, and a painful death was eminent. At the hospital,  I was rushed back pretty quickly. FYI, the mere mention of chest pain, and the E.R. staff takes you pretty seriously.  After $9,000 worth of tests, and a shot of morphine, the doctors concluded that I had gallbladder stones and would need surgery to remove this insubordinate little organ.  I had laparoscopic surgery two weeks ago.  This surgery is meant to be minimally invasive, and includes 4 incisions, blowing your abdomen up with air, inserting a camera, some robot arms, and then evicting my bastard gallbladder.  Surgery went well, I am told, and I was sent home late that afternoon.  I have a vague memory of trying to convince the nurse that I wanted to take my gallbladder home with me in a jar.  I was on a lot of painkillers those first couple of days, so this may have been a dream.  I'm finally starting to feel like myself, well myself at about 65%, but it's a start.  In honor of my gallbladder, I thought I'd share some fabulous ads of mid-century modern furniture, shaped in amorphous, nature inspired silhouettes.
Kidney bean table woodworking pattern
Abstract artwork in a 1950s interior design book
collection of mid-century products, including; nesting tables, ashtray, ottoman, and Formica boomerang countertops
1950s Flooring advertisment
The lovely Betty White, who my son likes to remind me is literally older than sliced bread
1964 Futurama brochure
Ray and Charles Eames

It's good to be back!
XOX, Hannah

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