Saturday, July 7, 2012

You and me against the world

Apparently, I'm collecting globes.  Recently, while I was at a garage sale, I picked one up and the sphere came off the base, so they begged me to take it home.  Free equals awesome, end of story. Then, I found a $4 globe at the thrift store, which I couldn't resist.  I always gauge everything against the price of a latte.  If I can give up one coffee, then my purchase is justified.  Totally rational, right?  Anyway, I got to looking at my faux antique globe and decided it needed a little something.  I went onto and downloaded some random images that had a similar faded hue as my globe.  I chose botanic sketches, butterflies, and some birds and then printed them out and busted out the Mod Podge.
DIY Mod Podge decoupage globe art Just Peachy, Darling

         Finally, here it is next to its smaller counterpart, which I don't plan to change. 

1 comment:

  1. How cool! I love the blue bird (canary?) sitting on the Equator. What a great idea!!


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