Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great gift ideas for your little fledgling nerd

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From top left to bottom right:
1. Who knew evaporation was so adorable? Water cycle print 
2. Glow in the dark Uranium soap? Come on, even I want this,  
3. Albert Einstein philosophy giclee print
4. Know how to knit? How about a cruelty free dissected frog?
5.Feeling crafty? Sew this adorable Chewie doll
6.Appliqued felt atom pillow! Also available in "dissected frog" and "Karo type," among others
7.Does your child like books about history? Gross biological processes? Who doesn't? Did you know that Henry the 8th became so swollen from gangrene that his body literally exploded? Awesome!
8.Strap on their goggles and a bowler hat; it's a steampunk nerf gun!   
9.Upcycled nuclear science crayons




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