Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gallery Wall

  As promised, here is a picture of the living room that we just painted.  It went from a lovely spring green called, "asparagus" to a nice neutral gray.  I was in love with that green, but I had a really hard time bringing in artwork and different fabrics, because of the intensity of the color.  Matching green with green is surprisingly tricky! I'm going to show one wall at a time as I complete projects.  I have been admiring "gallery walls" on different design sights and on pinterest for a couple of years now, so I decided to try my hand at one of my own.  It took awhile to gather different artwork to fill the frames, but I'm really pleased with what I came up with.  Plus, as always, I did it on the cheap. 
Like my "new" tufted sofa? Now, my martini olive green chevron pillows look lovely (instead of clashy) in the room!

 Here is a closeup of some of the eclectic things that fill the frames.  The bird/Harmony print was a free download.  I was able to get it printed 11x16 at Office Depot for .35!  Above that, is the lyrics to a song ("Across the Universe" by the Beatles) but you could do any song, poem, quote, etc that suit your fancy.  The "Alice in Wonderland"  and "Girl with Birds" (see second pic) papercut prints are something I bought from an etsy seller I've admired for some time.  The scientific sketch of the seahorse came from vintageprintable.com and the bunny/magic hat pic was something I cut out of a calendar.  My favorite object on the wal,l is the butterfly specimen collection.  Last summer, my children and I got a lot of mileage out of our summer pass to the bug museum.  I'd still like to get a Monarch specimen to hang. We released Monarchs at our wedding, so they hold a special place in my heart, and maybe soon my wall.  I hung the ampersand because I thought it made my little oddities seem cohesive, plus it's lighthearted and fun.

On the other side, hangs the second papercut print, and below two wooden postcards that came from etsy. The good thing about those 4x6 frames is that I can change out the art anytime I find a new greeting card (as this is a common size for alot of the interesting handmade ones.)  Above that is one of my favorite purchases.  It's a screen printed poster that says, "It's a damn fine day."  I love the optimism, the vintage feel, and the tongue in cheek humor.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  Finally, the skeletal hand, which came from a vintage anatomy book (from vintageprintables.com)

That giant blue Morpho Didius is going to inspire my next project...stay tuned for pictures!

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