Monday, February 10, 2014

Mid-century Photographs from the CF&I Steel Mill archives

While I was putting together the Pueblo Modern show, I spent a lot of time tracking down photographic images from some local sources.  I had some wonderful images that were provided for me from families that grew up in our post-war neighborhoods and also some civic event photos, such as parades and fairs from the Pueblo Library district.  By far, the best resource that I found for images was the CF&I Steel Mill Archives.  Their images go back to the turn of the century and are an absolutely brilliant resource and  teaching tool.  Most of the really old images have already been scanned and cataloged, but the photos from the recent past were still in folders, untapped.  My lovely friend Sara, an archivist at the Museum, let me peruse all the images with some very fashionable protective gloves. ;)
   The Kadoya Gallery was able to enlarge quite a few of the images to be displayed at the Pueblo Modern Exhibition, but honestly, the entire show could have JUST been CF&I images.  I hope the museum will eventually open up a section to display some of these treasures, but in the mean time I'd like to share some of them here.

Eat your heart out, Mad Men!

Interested in industrial history? Check out the Steelworks Museum.


  1. Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at these, such lovely little glimpses into the past - thank you so much for sharing!
    P x

  3. These are truly wonderful, Hannah, thank you very much for enriching my day, and far more over helping to preserve the past, with them.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. looooooooooooooove!!!


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