Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cuban Maracas and Mexican Sombreros

I'm slowly getting back into the mood for outfit posts.  I received this deadstock blouse as a gift from my friend at the Robot Exchange.  I'm in love with bows, tie necks, and ascots.  I bought this 1930s celluloid brooch off of Etsy last year.  It's a tiny working Cuban maraca, which has the hilarious side effect of making me want to shimmy around while wearing it.  It's the same color palette as my Mexican novelty skirt, which has little caballeros playing guitars.  
Outfit details: 
1950s rhinestone cateye sunglasses: Etsy
1950s Celebrity blouse: Robot Exchange
1950s patent leather belt: Estate
1950s Mexican novelty skirt: Ebay
red crinoline: Ebay
assorted Bakelite bangles: Ebay
1930s La Conga brooch: Etsy
shoes: Poetic License


  1. I love this blouse, send it my way when you get tired of it:) Great outfit!

  2. Yep! I am all sorts of in love with this outfit! I'm such a sucker for the Mexican themed stuff!


  3. Cute, cute, cute!!! I'm loving the outfit and all the jewelry. Bakelite has been calling my name lately. It's getting harder and harder to resist...

  4. Lovely! I love that you choose so much colors, these pictures make my rainy winter a bit more bearable...

  5. Just adorable!! I do like these Mexicana looks, hard to pull off in the UK though, it's never hot enough! x

  6. How absolutely delightful! I love that the tiny maraca works (amazing!) and goes so well with your skirt. I'm a sucker for anything music themed, and this is no exception. You look lovely, and it looks like it's a heckuva lot warmer wherever you are than it is here!

  7. Thanks ladies, your comments are so sweet. :)

  8. That brooch is awesome!!! I'd be tempted to shimmy, shake, bounce, hop, prance, you name it, around if I had one like it, too. It's super cute and I'll be hunting for one like it now from here on out for my own collection.

    Fantastic outfit and colour palette to help wake up these dreary last few weeks of winter.

    ♥ Jessica


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