Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Opening for Pueblo Modern

  Friday night was the opening of the art exhibition that I co-curated, called Pueblo Modern.  It was all about mid-century fashion, art, architecture, and lifestyle.  I spent hours sitting in archives at the CF&I steel museum and the library, picking out images to share.  There was a theater room in the basement that played propaganda films, strange commercials, and educational cartoons from the 1950's.  We played iconic school instructional films about what do to in case of a nuclear attack, absurd drug PSAs, and instructional movies about how to spot commies hiding among us.  The second basement room was set up like an atomic bomb shelter.  I partnered with some local antique stores; Hooda Thunk, The Nest, and Colorado Ave. Antiques and Collectibles who loaned accessories and furnishings, and we even wallpapered with authentic deadstock 1950's wallpaper from Fred's Decorating Center .  I took items from my personal collection to fill in the gaps.  A fellow collector friend, Mark Mihelich, also lent some gorgeous pieces. The Starlite Classic Campground brought one of their campers and a station wagon, where they parked outside and roasted marshmallows on the sidewalk.  A caterer provided some authentic mid-century staples, like pigs in a blanket, cucumber sandwiches, and jello.  We also created a fashion show, highlighting clothing from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.  Two vintage shops; Vintage Treasures and Robot Exchange each styled models for the event. After walking down a spiral staircase, models went into the windows and acted as live mannequins! We had a great turnout, and everything came together perfectly.  A big thanks to Kadoya Gallery owner Gregory Howell, for believing in my vision and pulling all the pieces together so seamlessly. 
The show will be going until December 12th.  Our next big event will be on First Friday Art Walk (Dec 6th), when we'll be having a mid-century casserole and Jell-o bake off.
        Images by Bill Belden

Images by Wade Broadhead

Images by Bill Belden

theater room

Images by Wade Broadhead

Models dressed by Vintage Treasures in Trinidad.  Hair by Rockstar + Lambs Salon & Jodi Shannon @ Infinity Salon
Models dressed by Robot Exchange.  Hair and makeup by Wicked Scissors Salon.  Image by Fred Greenwood.
Many of the items in the bomb shelter are for sale, as well as some beautiful photographic prints of mid-century locations, handmade vintage style aprons, and also a limited run of Solar Roast Coffee.  It's my own blend, called "Hyper Housewife"!
Happy Sunday!


  1. This is just too nifty! And I'm absolutely DYING over that mirror shelf! I've been wanting one for AGES but I have yet to see one beyond the drab ones, or the south Pacific inspired ones.


    1. Thanks Janey! There are definitely some things I'm wanting to take home after this is over. The mirror and that 60s colored table lamp are at the top of the list. :)

  2. That looks like so much fun! You did a wonderful job and you looked fantastic. Hopefully I can get down there for your next event on the 6th.

  3. This looks so cool, and We will be able to see it when we come to visit!!! Can't wait to see u all

  4. Dear Hannah, what lovely photos of mid century furniture. Even the colours are so very much attractive. And you are the best looking vintage mum around. No wonder because you're looking as if you were a much loved wife by your hubby. All the photos of you and your man have very happy vibes. I love that. There are not a lot of happy couples around me at the moment. Wish you the best and stay as happy as you are.

  5. What a terrifically cool event! I love that there are so many shops, talented folks (yourself massively included, of course), and eager visitors in your area to make a show like this possible. It's especially encouraging for those of us who aren't as fortunate (to have such things where we live) to know that there others out there celebrating the past in such a stellar group effort kind of way.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I adore your gorgeous green ensemble!

  6. this looks like a great event! the mid century room looks so fantastic and fun!


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