Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Spice (outfit #63)

I am absolutely in love with Autumn.  The cooler weather, changing leaves, and my favorite holiday, Halloween, make this my favorite time of year.  The kids and I get really into decorating the house.  We make spooky pumpkin lanterns, hang paper bats, and bake every different pumpkin flavored treat.  I've always had a love of the macabre, so it's the perfect excuse to hang up glitter skeletons and break out the cardboard Dracula theater. Of course, this also meant an excuse to take photos at a cemetery!  
  I unearthed this 1950s, hand-painted skirt with an acorn and fall leaf pattern at a thrift store.  I immediately started a search for some sort of acorn themed brooch.  I ended up finding this 40s celluloid dangle brooch, with branches, leaves, and actual acorns.  The green sweater is one of my favorite pieces.  My mother-in-law knitted it for my birthday from a 1951 pattern. It's my favorite shade of green, and made from the softest yarn. 
Bakelite bangles: from Ebay 
seemed stockings: Ebay
1940s hat with rhinestones: thrifted
1940s style shoes: Spring Step
acorn leaf circle skirt 40's hat 50's sweater vintage Just Peachy, Darling
1940's 1950's skirt autumn fall color Just Peachy, Darling
vintage mustard bakelite orange green cemetery Just Peachy, Darling
The pattern is called, "Lacy Jumper" and if you'd like to make one for yourself there is a free pattern!
Happy Sunday!


  1. That is a beautiful sweater! You look stunning as usual.
    Yay for fall!!!

  2. Gorgeous autumn ensemble - that brooch is really knocking my socks off. I have a somewhat similar one, but yours is a bit more intricate and goodness, do I love. Fall and Halloween are my favourite season and holiday, as well. Hands down October is my favourite month of the year. It's so fun, festive and bursting with the best colour palette, as you expertly demonstrated here, lovely lady!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I like autumn like you and I like autumn colours like you. Your red hair, the green jumper and the yellow skirt are a great combination, particularly when yellow leaves are matching in the background.

  4. Just gorgeous! The colours suit you perfectly!

  5. I love a good autumnal vintage outfit! The brooch is so cute and it's so great that you got the knitted sweater as a gift (I wish I knew someone who could knit me a cute sweater!)

  6. Wow Hannah, I guess I amway behind in reading Thank you the beutiful comments, you look great as usual.

  7. Hi Hannah, what a lovely blog you have and I just love your hair color and style:) It's so nice to have relatives who can knit isn't it!


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