Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top 10 vintage wishlist for my wardrobe

I've spent a great deal of time recently, perusing vintage magazines, and "window shopping" online.  I decided to jot down a list of essentials for both my home and my wardrobe, so as not to be tempted to buy every cute thing that comes across my path.  I swear, if I had the resources, I might become one of those ladies who has a different pair of shoes for every day of the month!  Today I'll focus on my wardrobe, and then dedicate another post to my home.

1. A Lucite handbag.  I've dreamed of owning a Lucite handbag ever since I saw one in an antique store when I was 16.  I've bid on a couple on eBay  but they always elude me.  The really spectacular ones can go for a couple hundred dollars!

2. Vintage reproduction 40s style shoes in green.  Okay, this is really specific.  There are certainly more practical color choices than green, but I'm loving these shoes so much that I actually dream about them!  There are some really fabulous ones over at remix, but they are out of my price range.  I need to find a more affordable options, or perhaps they will go on sale with my size still in stock.  A girl can dream.

3. A wide brimmed sun hat, preferably made of straw.  The icing on the cake would be, if it had a ribbon tie under the chin.  I'm a size 23, which I think is big even in modern sizing.  This is the burden of being 5' 10''!

4. Thanks to the Robot Exchange, I have about 4 pair of darling 1950s pedal pushers (some of them deadstock), as well as two pairs in denim that I bought on eBay.  What I really long for now, are some 30s or 40s  inspired full length pants. I'm especially fond of the sailor style button detailing.

5. A vintage knitted novelty sweater, the kookier, the better!

6. I have a little growing collection of vintage 50s-60s bathing suits.  What I'd really love to own is a two piece, high waisted cotton playsuit

7. A 1950s Paris themed novelty circle skirt.  I'm a total francophile, so a fun French or Paris themed skirt would really be amazing.  Tiny poodles, Eiffel Towers, mini baguettes....ooh la la!

8. An eye catching, conversation starting, Bakelite brooch.

9. Saddle shoes, spectators, two toned oxfords, call them what you will, but they are a darling staple of the vintage wardrobe.  I looked everywhere to find a pair of white and pink, which I now own and love, but I would like a pair in a more standard color combo.  Classic black and white or tan and white would really be the most versatile.

10.A vintage 40s or 50s puff sleeve, peasant style blouse.  These are so versatile and feminine.  I love that they pair well with so many options.  They are so flirty and fun!

Here's hoping all our vintagy dreams come true!
xox, Hannah


  1. What a great list! Love all the vintage ads. I really want to get a pair of those sailor pants to wear to the Mid Mod show in Denver this year. I'll have to check out Robot Exchange to see if she has any that will fit me.
    I swoon over bakelite broaches too. I'm hoping to get really lucky at the thrifts or an estate sale because I can't afford those crazy eBay prices.

    1. Yes, fingers crossed that I find a Bakelite brooch for cheap at an estate sale. I can't afford eBay prices either. Some of those brooches cost more than my first car! :)

  2. I pretty much want all of the same things - especially the 40s two piece playsuit!!! It's always on my list no matter what time of year but the ones on etsy that have been my size have always been so expensive! I will find it one day!

    Good luck finding the items on your wish list!

    1. Dear Mid-Century Girl: You should sew a 40's two piece playsuit. Eyelet or Seersucker fabric would be really cute. Forget E-bay. Think of the money you could save!

  3. Spectacular wishlist, dear gal! Our minds must both be in full window shopping/daydreaming mode this week, because I just did a similar wishlist post of my own on Wednesday. It's so fun to see some of the items that you're yearning for the most, and to nod vigorously in agreement (because I want them, too) over many of these timeless beauties.

    Here's wishing you the utmost of luck in finding all of these stellar pieces!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I know exactly where you can get pink and white saddle shoes. They look like this:

    I got my classic saddle shoes at Muffy's. They have the above too. They are the very last on this page.

  5. I couldn't have put together a better wishlist. I LOVE the shoes. I especially love the Bakelite brooch with the Friday the 13th theme. At least half the stuff on your list would be on mine, as well. Now, I want to go shopping!

    ~Katie (I can't sign in and comment from my blog, but it's at

  6. What a fantastic wishlist! I think I'm either hunting down or have recently acquired a good number of these myself! I particularly sympathize on the green 40s shoe hunt... let me know if you find anything good! I like the Chelsea Crew Nok Nok shoe (I think it's on Modcloth with a different name) but I still can't bring myself to part with $70 for them.


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