Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 10 vintage wishlist for my home

As promised, a list of all the items that I'm on the look out for my home.  I love the look of an eclectic, created over time, vintage inspired home.  I don't like matching set or entire rooms bought out of catalogs.   My home is filled with pieces I've thrifted, handed- down, upcycled, bought handmade or created myself.  I'm not sure there will be a day when I finally announce that "I'm finished," much to my husband's dismay.  My tastes are constantly evolving and I like to change things up frequently.  That said, there are some basic elements that I'd like to change or upgrade from their current status.
1. A vintage electric oven.  A year or so ago, I was offered a glorious 1940s pink gas stove from my friend and mid-wife who was moving to Denver. I jumped for joy and quickly started reaching out to anyone I could think of to help me move the behemoth in an impending snow storm.  The first problem was the cost of a gas conversion since our current hook-ups are for an electric range.  The second problem was the size of the unit.  At nearly 42'', I was going to have to replace some cupboards, buy some counters, and think about moving the upper cupboards to match.  I started adding up the costs of the revisions in the kitchen, and the fact that the oven was going to have to sit in my garage for most of the winter (which meant parking outside!)  Suddenly "free" was getting really expensive, so I passed up the stove with a heavy heart.  I'm still optimistic I'll find the perfect stove.  Ideally, I'd like a stove in white, sea foam or turquoise to match my peacock blue cabinets.
1960s mid-century stove oven ad Just Peachy, Darling

vintage retro Kenmore oven stove ad Just Peachy, Darling

2. A mid-century love seat or easy chair to match our '61, dusty rose, Kroehler sectional. We need a bit more seating to form a conversation friendly living room.  Actually, if I found a sofa and love seat set, then I would move our sectional to the basement.  Again, blues and greens are ideal, but if I found something with great lines I would make it work.

Harrods mid-century atomic living room furniture couch sofa Just Peachy, Darling
1950s retro couch sofa Airfoam Just Peachy, Darling
1950s contour chair ad Just Peachy, Darling

3. More lighting! Our living room is devoid of an overhead light.  I'd love to find a tall tension pole lamp or hanging swag light to fill the empty corner behind the sectional.  A few more gorgeous table lamps wouldn't hurt either.
mid-century table lamp lightolier Just Peachy, Darling
1950s tension pole lamp ad Just Peachy, Darling
1960s hanging swag light lamp Just Peachy, Darling

4.  I'm always looking out for adorable 50s plastic-ware, such as dishes, canisters, and tools.  

1950s Gay plasticware dishes Just Peachy, Darling

5. Random mid-century accessories that I can't live without...even though they are not practical.

atomic boomerang ashtray Just Peachy, Darling
boomerang ashtray lot, found here

6. Gorgeous Mid-century textile such as tablecloths, napkins, and fabric for curtains and pillows.

7. Retro style metal patio furniture

8. Holiday decor

Now that we have our 1950's aluminum Christmas tree, the next logical step is light it up authentically.
My kids really like setting up little holiday displays.  I love the kitschy Japanese holiday figurines, such as this darling deer.  I'll be on the look out for anything Santa themed.

1950s diorama ornaments.  I would love to build a collection of these unique, usually handmade little orbs.  We had a couple on our tree when I was a kid, and they were my favorite.

9. Desk organizational paraphernalia

I've see these Japanese letter organizers in all sorts of adorable shapes; cats, poodles, wiener dogs...I totally want one!

10. A pink typewriter

Pink Smith- Corona typewriter, found here

XOX, Hannah


  1. Another awesome list full of great ads. I could look at those for hours and just daydream...
    My neighbor has one of those Harrods sofas. It's beautiful. I'm pretty much with you on everything. I'm on the hunt for fabulous lighting and a great metal glider too. And vintage Christmas is always on the list. The only thing I'll pass on is the pink typewriter. I'll take one in aqua! :-)

  2. Such a dreamy, incredible mid-century decor wishlist! I loved the images you chose here so much, I scrolled up and down through them three times and am going back for fourth! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Dear Hannah: I was getting excited reading about your 'stove find'. And sorry you couldn't get it. My friend bought a old Kenmore gas stove & refrigerator & her husband painted them with car paint to match in Pink. So Cute. Don't give up!
    love your blog!!

  4. I must say I definitely love the colourful Rotaflex lampshades. It must be great to have a range of them hanging in your living room or above the kitchen table. I also like the old-time Christmas ornament because I collect them myself but I don't own such a lovely piece.

  5. Omg what a drool worthy list! I love it all!!! Looking through your list I realized I actually have something that you mentioned. During my last trip to M I scored a poodle desk organizer-I bought it for 8 dollars. Love it to bits-you must get one! xox


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