Sunday, June 10, 2012

Check, please! (outfit #5)

My 1950s green checked (gingham) wrap dress from an estate sale.  The pearl choker is from my late step-grandmother and the brown leather case is from an antique store.  My husband and I drove by this green 1940s car, and like the big nerd that I am, I made him pull over and snap some photos of me in front of it.  I didn't note the type of car that it was, because frankly, I felt like a bit of a criminal.  I'm hoping Santa will put one in my stocking! ;)
1950s wrap dress gingham vintage car 1940s  Just Peachy, Darling
The best accessories match your dress!

Too bad, I couldn't actually get into this car.
In front of my mom's 1953 rancher.
1950s wrap dress pattern Just Peachy, Darling
Happy Sunday!

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