Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrating our anniversary

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on June 12th.  We wanted to get out of town and do something unique and memorable.  After a friend's recommendation of a little spot, a quick drive away, we booked our reservation.  I've been crushing on vintage campers for awhile now.  I just needed to get the husband "on board."
Meet "Sally," the 1962 Shasta travel trailer we stayed in at the Starlite Classic Campground!

We brought all the kids with us, and then my mom picked them up for a sleepover at her house.  We enjoyed some swimming...

some cannonballing...

some lizard watching...

Starlite Classic Campground Colorado retro vacation Just Peachy, Darling
mini golf...

and marshmallow roasting...

all before they left for grandma's house!  Here is a quick look at the inside of our camper:

The sofa pulls out into a double bed, after the tables flip up on the wall.  Of course, my luggage is vintage.

There is an identical table on the other side that comes down to maximize space.  This was my first foray into using a coffee percolator.

The mini fridge

propane stove, oven, and sink

The second pull out bed

Only Elowyn got to stay the night with us in the trailer.  We grilled out for dinner, but for breakfast I attempted to make sausage and french toast on the propane stove.  I've never cooked with propane before.  It seemed there were only two setting; fiery inferno and "off!"  I managed to cook everything perfectly, but I set the fire alarm off twice!

My husband's shirt is vintage 60s dead stock (New old stock)!

You've gotta love a fiberglass bullet planter, in pink, of course!!  Here are a couple of Sally's neighbors:

retro camping  Just Peachy, Darling
Ginny, a 1954 Aljoa Sportsman
Bailey, a 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion

The Flamingo Lounge, a 1962 Tepee, hitched to a 1958 Chevy Biscayne

A 1959 Rambler Station Wagon, hitched to "Lucy."  This would absolutely be my new car, if only it had seat belts!!
The gift shop had a small assortment of mid-century housewares and vintage clothing.  We bought the Lustroware recipe box that matches my kitchen canisters, an aqua Dritz sewing basket, and a red Lux clock.

Happy Anniversary, Darling!


  1. omg! that large Spartan trailer looks just like the air stream we stayed in in Copperscove Texas when your Hubby was just a 'twinkle' in my eye! I only lasted 1 month, and record low temperatures wearing gloves and scarves before I got out of 'Dodge'

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