Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrabble pillows

Scrabble pillows are everywhere these days!  I discovered them on etsy awhile ago and thought they were really clever.  The problem is once you spell out a word, you're dropping serious money!  I figured they would be pretty easy to DIY.  I enlarged and printed out the first name initials for my husband and I using Arial font.  I thought a natural dyed fabric would look the most like the wood tiles, so I went looking for burlap.  It was way too rough, so I switched to more of a linen fiber fabric.  I bought a sheet of black felt and a tube of black puffy paint (remember that stuff?) If you are a child of the 80s, like me, then you are familiar!
I used the cut-out letters as templates to cut out the black felt.  I used actual scrabble tiles as a reference and then carefully drew on the point values with puffy paint.  I love that the numbers by both of our initials are equal...because marriage should be equal ;)
homemade sew scrabble pillows DIY Just Peachy, Darling
After the paint was completely dry,  I sewed and stuffed the pillows.  I didn't want the letters to get distorted so I was careful not to over stuff the pillows.  My finished pillows are about 12x12.

Those sweet cane back chairs belonged to my late grandparents, but the orange crushed velvet (while pristine) just isn't doing it for me anymore.  They are my next project...

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