Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diamonds in the closet

We finally got around to painting the inside of Emery and Ohlin's closet.   After removing the doors, my husband painted the inside gray, and then I got to work stenciling.  I used an  old album cover to make my triangle template.  Since the record cover is 12x12, it was really simple to make a perfect triangle.  Don't worry, no great album covers were injured during the painting of this closet. ;)  I chose to paint my triangles in a pattern, so after I chose my five colors, I wrote a letter to mark each space (exactly like paint-by-number).  This is what the closet looked like after I was finished with the stenciling and taping off my first color:

In order to make this project low cost (FREE) I used leftover paint from other projects.  I ended up using chalkboard paint for the black triangles, and when I pulled off the painter's tape, the paint came off of the wall! Grrrrr.  Oh well, nothing a little touch up can't fix. 

how to tutorial paint triangle accent wall Just Peachy, Darling
I love it!! It reminds me of the facets on jewels, and it makes the yellow chevron curtains look really tied into the space.  Now Emery's dresser has a cool backdrop and we can open up the room for our little reading nook.

                  His dresser fits perfectly, and he seems pretty thrilled.  What a ham!


  1. http://6thfloor.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/14/so-you-think-you-can-undress/

  2. Thanks Rich, I'll take this under advisement. ;)


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