Friday, October 24, 2014

Waking the Dead

  The blog posts have become a bit infrequent as of late.  I've been having what I lightly refer to as a major freaking life crisis! :)  I was enrolled in several online classes this semester so that I could apply for a nursing program, full time next fall. I had started this process after my eldest son was born, ten years ago.  I had loved the classes then, and it seemed like a practical, responsible decision.  In fact, even though my plans were put off for many years so that I could stay home and raise my babies, I always planned on pursuing nursing, and never bothered forming a plan B.   A couple of weeks into my classes,  I fell into a deep depression.  I loathed my classes, and couldn't fathom the idea that this was my future.  In fact, I started questioning everything in my life.  I realized how unhappy and unfulfilled I have felt, and how many of my decisions were based on the needs of other people and not the desires of my heart.  I dropped my classes and am doing some major soul searching to figure out my next course of action.  I started seeing a therapist, and have been journaling, and making long lists of things that I feel I need to explore.  I have literally been putting my life on hold for a decade.  It's time to be bold and maybe a little selfish.  We are only given one life and it's up to us what we make of it.  So here's to the death of settling, falling into old patterns, and not living up to our potential.

Outfit details:
1950s wool wiggle dress: estate sale
1950s black and red corset belt: Copper Alligator 
1940s black bird veil: antique store
black and white backseam thigh highs: Ebay
shoes: Poetic License
Ouija board brooch: Wacky Tuna Vintage
xox, Hannah


  1. You'll find your path:) This is a good thing that you are searching for what you might do and not settle into what is expected. It's difficult once you become a mother where to find yourself. I have this difficulty too. There are a lot of expectations and responsibilities but on us as mother's and then we tend to loose ourselves in the day-to-day activities of keeping our family on track. On a side note, what a great dress to find at an estate sale. I have yet to find a major estate sale where I don't find junky things.

  2. That is a wise, powerfully inspiring outlook and approach to things (and is not "selfish" in the slightest to me). I'm immensely proud of you, dear Hannah and hope with all my heart that your soul searching leads to a happy, wonderful new chapter in your life.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Adore your festively fabulous ensemble! It's awesome to see one Brittany great brooches on a fellow vintage blogger already. I think she's going to have a great deal of success with her new shop and its offerings.


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