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Beauty Essentials for the 20th century

  As many of us vintage loving girls know, authentic hair and makeup go along way to creating the perfect period appropriate look.  I'm sure I'm not the only has some spent a lot of time admiring hairstyles in classic films, perusing vintage magazines, and watching youtube tutorials on things like creating pin curls or applying twiggy style eyeliner.  Hair and makeup styles really changed by decade, and I love being able to discern the era of an image based on something as subtle as the shape of their brows or lips.  I'm always on the hunt for products that were available during these eras, because I love being faithful to the looks.  Wearing a lipstick brand and color that could have been worn by the original owner of my dresses, is just another way to really embrace and live history.  I've done a round up of skincare, makeup, and perfumes that are still available today.
Noxzema invented in 1911
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream invented in the 1930s
Yardley soaps and lotions, like the lavender scent, company established in the 1770s
Jergens hand and face creams in 1901
Ponds Face Cream and Cold Cream, 1910s
Smith's Rosebud Salve, (used as lip balm, eye shadow base, cheek highlighter, & hair pomade) created in 1892
Nivea Cream, 1911
Oil of Olay, 1950s
Dove Soap, 1957
Wrinkies & Frownies, invented in 1889
They have retained their ultra darling 1950s/60s packaging.
Shiseido was the Max Factor of Japan in the 1930s.  Oil blotting tissues were a must for a woman's makeup table.
Countess Isserlyn makeup, created by a Hollywood makeup artist in the 1920s
Coty Loose Powder, 1935
Max Factor pancake makeup (which has been discontinued, but is still available online), 1920s.  M.F. Panstick makeup is still readily available though.
Max Factor, who started in theatre, brought makeup for everyday women into the marketplace.  He was instrumental in creating the first commercial eyeshadows, made of Henna, which started the whole Hollywood vamp or Biba look. He also created lip glosses, eyebrow pencils, face powders, and lipsticks, now available in tubes, for his line.  Lipsticks prior to WWI were only available in tubs or sticks wrapped in paper.  Now every woman could look like a Hollywood starlet.
Cake Mascara was first invented in 1917, by the Maybelline company.  The owner got the idea when his sister Mabel used Vaseline and coal dust to darken her lashes.  God bless you, Mabel!!  Popular colors were black, brown, and blue.
While Maybelline no longer manufactures cake mascara, Longcils Boncza cake mascara is still available.  It's said to have been a favorite of Marilyn Monroe. Longcils Boncza liquid eyeliner was a favorite of Audrey Hepburn, and it is how she created her famous, much emulated, doe eyed look.
Tabu lipstick, 1932
still available in four original shades
Tangee lipstick & blush, 1930s
The lipstick and blush are "mood changing" and respond to your individual body chemistry. 
Arpege perfume, 1927
Wind Song perfume, 1960s
Chanel No. 5, 1924
Eau de Cologne Imperiale, 1860s
a gender neutral scent, said to be a favorite of Cary Grant
Bourjois' Evening in Paris, 1928
In the 1940s companies such Max Factor, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Bourjois, Yardley, Coty, Avon, and Rimmel were already manufacturing beauty products.  I've tried to only list vintage products that still exist, but I'm sure that all these lines have some popular colors or products that never stopped being fabricated.  I wish more companies made this type of list.
Revlon made its first smear proof lipstick way back in 1953!
 Can you think of any I have missed?  What are your favorites?
It's important to note that it is not sanitary to use actual vintage makeup.  Unfortunately most items could be teaming with bacteria or even harmful chemicals.  If you are lucky enough to have any gorgeous vintage compacts or lipstick tubes, you can still use them by properly emptying, cleaning, and refilling them.  
Follow one of these great tutorials:
How to refill a vintage lipstick by Voluptuous Vintage Vixen
Also, check out some of these vintage makeup reproduction companies: Le Keux Cosmetics, Besame Cosmetics, or The Balm Cosmetics.
 Want to know how to achieve the perfect vintage pout? Click here :X
XOX, Hannah

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  1. What an absolutely marvellous selection of advertisements - most are works of art you could frame and put on the wall! I loved seeing what Revlon shades are still available today, that is indeed most useful.

    Thank you! P x


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