Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tavian's room re-do

Last year I made a list of my goals for the year, and included was the redesign of my eldest son's bedroom.  I had redecorated his room about two years ago over one weekend as a surprise, but it ended up being sort of a disaster.  First of all, I intended to tear up the carpet and paint the tile underneath.   I did all sorts of research on how to paint vinyl tiles, but when we pulled up the carpet we realized that the tiles were damaged and cracked (perhaps why the room was carpeted in the first place!)  We had to rush up to Colorado Springs and buy a bunch of wood laminate flooring to install.  It wasn't in the budget, and we hadn't allotted time for the project.  Secondly, I chose two colors for accent walls, a bright citron yellow and a swimming pool blue.  I thought it would be cheerful, like sipping lemonade next to a pool in summertime.  The yellow ended up being the most garish color possible, and I hated it from the start.  We had already blown our money on flooring, so buying different paint was not in the cards.  There were a couple of things that did turn out well however.  I drew up plans for a headboard with a frosted Plexiglas top and lights inside that my father put together with extra materials from his own remodeling endeavors.  
   The best things about this new room are the furniture.  I came across a rare Kent Coffey dresser at a Mennonite thrift store, and then my father in law built a desk based on photos to mirror the styling.   I also found an industrial looking 1950s Dazor saucer lamp at an estate sale for $4!  The vintage light up globe was thrifted and the starburst alarm clock was from a local antique store.  The ceiling lamp is an atomic pinhole light fixture that I rescued from the Habitat store, which I repainted and rewired.  The gold Eames chair knock off was a DIY I made last year, which you can see here.
  My son's favorite things:
The colors grey, gold, and green.  
History, especially WWI (he loves  planes, tanks, Zeppelins, etc)
                              This is what I came up with....
light up headboard grey teal bedroom kids Just Peachy, Darling
Duvet originally from Target, but I bought it on ebay.
paint chip art handmade indian headdress vintage globe lamp starburst alarm clock Just Peachy, Darling
The canvases were up-cycled amateur thriftstore art, that were primed and painted with chalkboard paint. The nightstand was handmade by my father in law.  The framed paint chip art matches the duvet and was FREE!  Steampunk hat, created by my son, leather Indian headdress was handmade by me.  Retro styled clock was a gift from my mom.
The military jacket belonged to my father in law.  WWI planes built by my son.  The stuffy is a Minecraft Creeper.
Framed artwork is based off of a real WWI stamp from a German camera company, available here.  On display are my son's vintage camera collection, original Lego designs, tanks, handmade wooden aircraft carriers and planes, and his Playmobil western village.  My son is all about "displays." :)
Framed German zeppelin poster available here.  Wooden bow was handmade by my late grandfather and "Zorro" mask was from Party City.  The Zeppelin model was a Christmas present, source unknown.
Isn't the desk incredible?   The hounds tooth rug and world map are from ebay.
Phrenology of a Gentleman screenprint available here
Retro Sci-fi travel posters (Jupiter and Neptune) available here
Stay Gold screenprint available here
Vintage hats poster available here

The room is painted Behr's French Silver and all the painted furniture is done in Behr's Mermaid Harbour.
Now I just have to convince him to come back from grandma's house to see his new room.
I love the way it turned out, what do you think?
XOX, Hannah



  1. What an absolutely awesome child's bedroom! I love it - and would be happy if my own room looked that cool. Incredible job, dear gal - you can be my vintage interior designer anytime!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh what a great job you did! It is inspiring me for my own decor! Love it esp the camera collection hehe xox

  3. That desk lamp is schweet! The Zepplin print is just my bag too...shame I have too many prints queuing for the framers already
    Alexander, France


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