Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stay gold, ponyboy

  With the addition of each child, we've had to shuffle our children to different rooms.  Eventually, our eldest child ended up in the basement bedroom.  This room had become a furniture catchall, playing host to our guests and a hodge podge office set up.  I didn't want our eldest child to feel like he was being exiled into the basement abyss, so I planned a surprise weekend renovation.  Our son left for a three day weekend with one of the grandparents, and my husband and I pulled up the carpet, painted the walls, made a headboard and painted the furniture.  I had intended to paint the floor, but to my dismay, we discovered that the linoleum was cracked and damaged.  We ended up driving forty minutes to pick up wood laminate flooring and we installed it in record time. All the paint colors I chose, ended up being the wrong hues, but with so little time to complete all the projects, we just went with it and hoped for the best.  The bright citron yellow ended up being garish and the charcoal gray was too dull.  Thankfully, our son was pleased with our efforts, so I moved on to another list of projects.  Now that I finished the shared bedroom of our other two sons, I'm ready to revisit the basement bedroom and make it into something our son can really love.  I've asked our son what things are really important for him in his bedroom.  His one request so far has been to include the color gold.  I found a picture of this gold Eames shell chair and thought it would be the perfect addition to his space.
 gold eames shell chair  Just Peachy, Darling
This chair carries a price tag of $2,500!! No amount of scrounging in couch cushions or piggy bank smashing was going to fund this purchase, so a little creativity and spray paint would have to suffice.  I found a beige plastic shell chair at the thrift store for $2.50, which I primed, and spray painted metallic gold and matte red.
DIY gold eames shell chair painted Just Peachy, Darling
Not bad, considering I saved 1000% of the cost!  What do you think?



  1. Wow that looks AWESOME!!!! I'm in the process of spray painting my old chair gold but I couldnt get the paint to stick. What kind of primer & spray paint did you use?


  2. Thanks Erica! I ended up using Rustoleum Painter's Touch primer because it is recommended for use on plastic. I used Valspar Brilliant Metal in gold. Good luck on your project. :)


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