Sunday, January 13, 2013

Green with envy (outfit #37)

Today was insanely, painfully, bitterly cold!  I think it was only about 12 degrees in the shade.  I chose this dress, because in the middle of winter, everything is brown and dead.  I'm already dreaming of the days when little spring bulbs start to peak out, and the grass starts to turn that perfect spring bud green.  My 50s dress is from ebay, and has the sweetest lace smocking on the bodice.  My vintage mint green belt was a gift from my friend Sam, at the Robot Exchange. My green and white spectator pumps were thrifted and then hand-painted by me.  It was really popular to match all the details of your ensemble in the 1950s.  Hats, shoes, gloves, purses, etc were all coordinated.  Since finding matching shoes seemed like such a daunting task, I created my own.
1950s green Jeanne Model dress DIY handpainted shoes Just Peachy, Darling
1950s green Jeanne Model dress mint Just Peachy, Darling
1950s green Jeanne Model dress mint Just Peachy, Darling
1950s sundress pattern Just Peachy, Darling

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am quite in love with this frock! What a fab color! It looks wonderful on you!


  2. Much like Pantone and their emerald for 2013, I'm making green my colour for 2013, too. I don't own too much of it (no reason why, I've always loved it), but am making a conscious effort to add more to my wardrobe this year and get more millage out of that which I already have. I hope I look a fraction as lovely in my verdant garments as you do in this beautiful dress.

    ♥ Jessica


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