Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winnie's room

As promised, I'm sharing some pictures of our little girl's room.  The room is ever changing, as she grows, and her needs change.  People were really surprised, that after three sons, I would choose to paint our first daughter's room blue.  My husband jokes that I was "hedging my bets."  Admittedly, we really weren't convinced that we would get a girl.  After I gave birth, my husband asked, "did anyone check and see if it's really a girl?"  I told them not to check, "just let me  have my moment!"  I think eventually, I may paint it a soft pink, but it is certainly very girly already.  
little girls nursery heather bailey etsy handmade pink aqua Just Peachy, Darling
The wood floors in this room were in really bad shape.  I didn't even notice them when we bought the house, because I was too busy checking closet size and counting windows.  They had furniture strategically placed to hide the worst of it.  We recently stained and varnished them a darker walnut color, and it does a nice job of making the damage look antique, rather than just beat to hell. :)  The dresser was a thrift store purchase ($25!) which was sanded and painted white.  The curtains are made from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line in aqua and have coordinating pastel chevron panels on the bottom.  We keep her fabric covered vintage suitcase under the crib to hold extra crib sheets.
vintage baby dress paris cloche embroidery Just Peachy, Darling
The dress on the wall is 1950s and is from my daughter's collection.  I change out the dresses on the wall periodically.
vintage barrettes eiffel tower nursery handmade Just Peachy, Darling
I sewed the clouds out of felt and embroidery floss, then stuffed them with cotton balls.  The framed embroidery is a metro map of Paris.  My daughter's ultrasound is in a frame my husband bought for me that says, "Out of our dreams, and into our arms."
clouds bunnies paris girly nursery vintage handmade Just Peachy, Darling
I originally bought this lidded container to make a terrarium, but instead I started filling it with vintage barrettes, pins, and jewelry (and a bunny!) that I've collected from estate sales.
silhouette embroidery hoop black apple nursery french abc Just Peachy, Darling
handmade raccoon fox doll chevron heather bailey nursery Just Peachy, Darling
woodland paper dolls french alphabet butterfly nursery Just Peachy, Darling
I made a vintage style silhouette of my daughter using black vinyl adhesive and stuck it on a scrap piece of chevron fabric in an embroidery hoop.  The french alphabet print, french couple under the umbrella print, Keep it Peachy print, and Cat's Pajamas postcard are all from Etsy.  The framed paper dolls are a free printable from the Black Apple.  The butterfly specimen was scored at a thrift store for .50!!  The large pink art is scrapbook paper glued on canvas with woodland paper dolls  that I also ordered from Etsy.  I used black glitter scrapbook letters to spell out a message in French, that when translated means, "sweet dreams, little friends...goodnight."
DIY play kitchen Painted chevron wall eames rocker blabla pillow vintage typewriter hats Just Peachy, Darling
vintage rotary phone toy felt food Just Peachy, Darling
A red toy rotary phone and handmade felt food make this play kitchen her favorite spot in the house!
handmade dolls vintage dress nursery customized typewriter artwork Just Peachy, Darling
fabric bunting Paris papercut hot air balloons handmade Just Peachy, Darling
This 1960s Desk was thrifted and painted white.  We use it as a changing table for now, but it will transition nicely into a homework space.   Elowyn loves staring at the Paris paper cut map, handmade fabric bunting, and hot air balloon stickers above her.  The bunting says, "oh my darlin," an ode to one of her middle names, Clementine.
vintage retro toys canopy decoupaged shelf Just Peachy, Darling
This strange little alcove is where one of the dormer windows is located.  I thrifted a mosquito net canopy to put into the space.  She can close the opening to make it like a fort, but it's transparent so I can still be nosy. :)  I used Mod Podge to cover a plain white shelf with the same fabric as the curtains.
vintage fisher price toys heather bailey Just Peachy, Darling
hand sewn fabric bird mobile clouds kites Just Peachy, Darling
I used a wire photo holder for a mobile and attached fabric birds, scrap book paper kites, and tissue paper clouds.


  1. What a splendidly pretty bedroom. I love that while its perfectly well suited to a baby, the colours and art will transition perfect as Winnie grows. I'm 28 and would be ecstatic to have a room much akin to that even at my age! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you! I must admit that my children have rooms that I thoughtfully and lovingly designed. My room, however, is kind of a disaster. :)

  3. This room is so freaking adorable! You did such a good job putting it all together. I did a very similar blue in my daughter's room and after a few years, changed it to pink (and grey at her request). Winnie is a very lucky little girl!

  4. I absolutely LOVE all these precious and feminine ideas for a girls room. Thank you for the inspiration. Vintage anything is a beautiful way to lighten a room and bring in cheer with more color.


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