Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage Western Electric extension phone

My birthday was in mid-March and I bought myself a "new" phone for our kitchen.  We had a super cute kettle phone, but I hated having it take up room on our counter top and the cords were driving me crazy.  I got on ebay and started looking at rotary wall phones from the 50s-60s.  I fell in love with a 1959 pink Western Electric, but I had to drop out of the ended up selling for $160!!!  Eventually I found a sea foam green or "mint" green W.E. that had been refurbished.  I think it looks even better than the pink one would have, so all is right with the universe.  Hello, cutie!

vintage 50s 60s retro rotary wall phone mint seafoam  Just Peachy, Darling

I have a framed copy of this advertisement hanging in my kitchen too!

vintage 50s retro rotary wall phone pink ad  housewife Just Peachy, Darling
It says: "Why you need a kitchen extension phone
 First, It's a great help in running the house.  Your kitchen extension is near your shopping lists, and at your finger tips for emergency calls to the plumber and other repairmen.   Next, it saves you trouble.  Biscuits won't burn, or a pot boil over, because a telephone call took you out of the kitchen.  And while you handle important household calls, you can keep a watchful eye on playing children.  It saves you steps, too.  When it rings you're right there to say "Hello."  Since the kitchen is where you spend so many hours of your busy day, it makes sense to have a telephone handy.  (Your husband, like you, will find it one of your most useful phones.)  And when all your work is done, it's easy and fun to take a break and chat with a friends on your handy kitchen extension.  The comfort, privacy and protection of extension phones throughout your house- where you work, play, or sleep- cost surprisingly little.  To order extensions, just call your Bell Telephone business office."
'Cause that's how I like to spend my day; slaving away in the kitchen AND gossiping!  I wonder who she is talking about while her little urchins eat an entire bowl of chocolate?!!?


  1. A kitchen extension phone is a must-have especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or if you have a substantially big house. Well, if it's only meant as a design, that would also be very fine—especially if it's a vintage one. Gorgeous baby, by the way. :)

  2. I have a handfull of new cords in that color. Looks like you may need one

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