Saturday, April 7, 2012

Emery and Ohlin's finished bedroom!!

Alexander Girard duvet bunting teal chalkboard wall shared bedroom  Just Peachy, Darling

I got these bunk beds on craigslist for $30! The bedding is an Alexander Girard design and I made the paper bunting over the bed.
Image in from an advertisement from 1954.

free printables vintage framed boardgames charlie harper DIY silhouette art  gallery wall Just Peachy, Darling

The room is painted Teal Zeal and there is a racing stripe of chalkboard paint that goes around the entire room.

We installed a new sputnik light fixture!

In the corner we created a reading nook with vinyl gutter bookshelves, two reading lamps, and a Plycraft rocker and ottoman!

kids room reading nook gutter book shelves plycraft rocker chevron Just Peachy, Darling

The pillow is also Alexander Girard, and we have a little tulip table next to the chair for water and extra books.

The framed poster is from the National Park series, by Charley Harper, of the Rocky Mtns.

triangle painted wall mid-century furniture boys room chevron rug  Just Peachy, Darling
The second framed poster is another Charley Harper, this time for Glacier National Park in Alaska.  The whole room has a triangle/chevron motif. 

handpainted triangle closet wall  Just Peachy, Darling
I bought some peg legs for the second dresser, but I haven't gotten around to installing them yet.  This framed poster is one of my favorite things in the room! We chose The Empire Strikes Back print because Emery loves Darth Vader, but I would hang any of the series in my home.  Check them out here

mid-century star wars art boys room nursery Just Peachy, Darling
The poster color ended up being almost an exact match to the paint color, what a happy coincidence!

Who needs a teddy, when you can snuggle with the Dark Lord?


  1. Looks great! -Gina G.

  2. What an awesome room! Everything works so well together and I especially love the triangles (lately I've had a triangle obsession).


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