Thursday, May 24, 2012

Atomic House Wares

Long before genetically modified frankenfoods, Monsanto got its start in chemicals and plastics.  It's a pretty logical evolution, if you ask me.  In the late 1940s and early 50s, bright colored plastics were the wave of the future.  Lustrex was touted as a cheaper, more resilient house ware material, and items such as dishes, toys, clocks, and even radios hit the market.
Monsanto 1950s vintage plastic housewares Lustroware clock canisters dishes Just Peachy, Darling

Recognize those canisters? We snapped them up at an antique store!  If anyone happens across the coffee and/or flour, buy it for me and I will love you forever.  They are also available in red:
Monsanto 1950s vintage plastic housewares Lustroware Lustrex canisters dishes Just Peachy, Darling
I've gathered a collection of atomic bar ware.  I purchased 7 small and 7 large orange and gold glasses at an estate sale over the weekend for .25 a piece!
Mad Men 1960s Mod mid-century glasses barware Just Peachy, Darling
I spotted these black and gold starburst glasses recently, and grabbed 7 of them as well.
Mad Men 1950s atomic starburst gold mid-century glasses barware Just Peachy, Darling
Couldn't resist this atomic pitcher!  The gold diamond design looks like the harlequin pattern that was so popular in the 50s.
1950s gold mid-century harlequin pitcher barware  Just Peachy, Darling
My favorite piece so far came from a local antique store.  I was courting it for several months, and one day walked in to find it was missing from the shelf.  I felt absolutely sick to my stomach that I had let someone else buy it!  Then, I walked around the corner and saw it sitting in another stall.  Say hello, to my turquoise and gold "chip and dip"!
1950s atomic aqua gold chip dip Just Peachy, Darling
Alright, now who's coming over for a drink?

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  1. If you're ever going to part with those orange glasses perhaps let me know... I have some and could create a mega set! *mwhahahahahaha*
    (Wipes drool)


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